Company Members

Who Can Join?

  • Nation and City which have Archery culture
  • Organization, Association, or Foundation
  • Sports Organizations related to Archery culture
  • Academic research related to Archery culture
  • Bow and Arrow maker or performer
  • Museum related to Archery
  • Festivals related to Archery
  • Archery Performance Group
  • Anyone interested in Archery culture


  • Individual Member : 15 USD (Annual fee)
  • Group Member : More than five archery related organizations, museums, associations, research groups, bow production organizations, event organizations, etc.
  • City Member : Nation, Local Government
  • Special Member : Someone who did much to help to cultural international organizations, cooperating organizations or federations along


Please submit our membership application form, and the board of directors receives the resolution. After that, you will be registered (within one month)

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