The desire of World Traditional Archery Organization is
to become the center of The World Archery Tradition.

WTAO stands for World Traditional Archery Organization, and the initial and image are the shape of the bow and the bullseye.

'W' and arrow symbolize the Traditional Archery of the World. The main color is blue. The red color of the bullseye symbolizes the sky, the sea, and the blue earth.

It is made with the wish that the World Traditional Archery Organization becomes the center of the World Archery Tradition. In addition, this CI uses symbol and logo type together. It was designed with a combination logo style.

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RGB : 0 104 181 / CMYK : 90 59 0 0


RGB : 25 15 13 / CMYK : 67 69 67 82


RGB : 0 104 181 / CMYK : 90 59 0 0